Ladybugs Girls Nursery Room Vinyl Wall Decals

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Kids Room Nursery


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Price: $ 19.99

Details about Ladybugs Girls Nursery Room Vinyl Wall Decals

This full color Ladybug wall decal kit will add a sweet touch to any nursery or girls room.

The base kit includes six 6"x 6" Ladybug wall decals you can arrange in any way you like. This is easy to install and comes with application instructions and an application squeegee. Can be removed without damaging walls.

Sticker Hog Vinyl Wall Decals are great for decorating interior walls. These decals will last for many years.

Customer Reviews

May 21, 2014
My young daughter put these all over her room they were so easy to put on, they are so cute and she loves them. Definitely buying more
By Melissa
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